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Interest Pays for Vacations with Friends - Wieldsilver.com First Post

2019-11-29 by author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com Wieldsilver.com values vacationing with friends. Vacationing sizzles! A week vacation with friends costs 6,973 silver-grams. (sizzling meals included!) If we spend hard-earned work income on food & housing, then how to pay for much-loved vacations? If we use interest to pay for vacations, then we'll fancy ourselves very clever and officially thriving. Financial literacy empowers this. In summary, wieldsilver.com is about vacationing, loving, working, investing, and thriving.

用利息的錢支付跟朋友一起去旅行的費用 - Wieldsilver.com 的開幕詞

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