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Project for 2020 Weeks 06 and 07 - Email Correspondence Binge with Colleagues and Associates

2020-02-01 by author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com This is a two-week growth and learning project. ~~~ Project Plan - In this two week project sprint, I'll email a colleague or associate, possibly 1x different person per day, possibly someone who is local, possibly someone who we share a common target-project, to ask what they're working on, and/or share what I'm working on. In other words, networking very deliberately. Who knows what I'll learn? What accords I'll make or strengthen? (What animosities I'll inadvertently make or propagate?) - After the two-week project, I'll blog a “Final report”. [ 2020-02-15 Update: ~~~ Project Final Report In this 2-week sprint I did: - Corresponded and conversed with associates. In this 2-week sprint I learned: - Preparing to write someone a message *makes you think about that person*. A.k.a. it simply builds consideration. - A great value in correspondence is about relationship building and about realizing the value in one's existing ongoing relationships. - The topic of correspondence will be different for each pair of associates, and may focus on what the pair has in common. (common values/mission/projects) - One practicing reaching out to others, begets one more noticing *when others ask one how one is doing*. Ok, so then why is this relevant to the mission of wieldsilver.com? Why is this relevant to journey-to-Financial-Independence and using interest to pay for vacations? Before this weeks 6&7 project I may have only said I felt it was essential. After this project in hindsight I say it's relevant because for me, I'm personally weak in the areas of consideration, relationship-maintenance and building, general skills, and personal skills. A.k.a. general competency and professionalism or transferable skills. And I believe that in order to succeed in any one specialized area (in this case, money-investing and vacation-funding), I must first maintain my general competency skills at least a minimum viable level (or bring these skills up to at least a minimum level.) Thus this earthling finds that on the path to so-called financial independence, this earthling's main blocks to success in money-investing, are actually their weaknesses in general competency. And that's why this is relevant to journey-to-Financial-Independence and using interest to pay for vacations. In conclusion, in this project-sprint, I built my capacity for consideration for others. ] [2020-02-15 Edit: In addition to adding the Final Report update, I also changed the wording in the title and URL and Project Plan portion of this blog post, to match the fact that the Final Report is being added as an update to the blog post (not being added as a separate blog post).] This blog post first published at https://wieldsilver.com/blog/2020-02-01-project-plan-correspondence-binge.html Copyright © wieldsilver.com and individual authors (unless otherwise noted)