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Project for 2020 Weeks 08 and 09 - Get Plenty of Sleep

2020-02-16 by author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com This is a two-week growth and learning project. ~~~ Project Plan - In this two week project sprint, I'll get plenty of sleep. Bounteous sleep. A cornucopian, generous, or ample amoount of sleep. A main idea here is that my proper sleeping will benefit the health, life, and wealth of myself and my associates. In other words, working on the "Naps" part of “M̲organ O̲perates R̲allys G̲rubstakes A̲nd N̲aps” - After the two-week project, I'll post the “Final report” here below. ~~~ Project Final Report * I did average nightly between 9.5 and 10 hours of sleep, for these 2-weeks. * Near the beginning (week 1) I got congested (got the sniffles. (Overall Inconclusive.) * By day 6, noticed that my general energy + mood + outlook were good/high -- even after work & during work. * Did other stuff. Tidied up, networked. Sqlite dictionary project. Ok, so the question remains, how does me getting plenty of sleep get me closer to my goal of "using interest to pay for vacationing with friends"? I have to (again, like in recent weeks' project sprints) admit that it doesn't. Directly. HOWEVER I (again) posit that I must get better at life and self-managment -- must get them up to at least a certain level -- in order to be able to effectively grow and maintain wealth. That my "excuse" for now. However the feeling also comes (remains) creeping in -- with all this self-managment building/maintenance, when will come the direct money/investing movement / paradigm-shift? For now, we'll suffice it to say that at this stage of my life, 'early to bed makes an earthling wealthy.' By getting in the habit of sleeping plenty, I've strengthened my self-management to lay the foundation for wealth-building. In conclusion, I did get plenty of sleep, and it did benefit my health, and I have faith that it is also sowing the seeds of benefitting my and my friends' lives and wealth as well. 2020-03-10 Edit: Added content for "Project Final Report" portion of this post. This blog post first published at https://wieldsilver.com/blog/2020-02-16-project-get-plenty-sleep.html Copyright © wieldsilver.com and individual authors (unless otherwise noted)