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Project for 2020 Weeks 10 and 11 - Walk Daily for Health and Wealth

2020-03-12 by author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com This is a two-week growth and learning project. ~~~ Project Plan - In this two week project sprint, I'll walk 1 mile daily, towards improving the health & life & wealth of myself and my associates. - After the two-week project, I'll post the “Final report” here below. ~~~ Project Final Report - Did walk 1 mile on each of 10 (of 12 so far) days - Part of the "walk a mile per day" is really "alone time for ~25 minutes per day". In other words, the "walking" that I am trying to do is essentially a form of meditation or "downtime". - Found I needed to "give a heads up" or "get help" or "ask permission" from those close to me, in order to be able to go on a 1 mile (~25 minute) walk each day. In other words, it turns out that I feel locked into responsibilities *for nearly every 30 minute period of every day*. I learned this about myself. - Found I needed to plan ahead of time, which exact time slot during the day that I would go for a walk, in order for it to happen. - At the end of the two weeks, I do feel good and healthy. Ok, so the question remains, how does me walking and meditating each day get me closer to my goal of "using interest to pay for vacationing with friends"? I must (again) say it doesn't directly result in me getting financially richer. However I say that it makes me more mindful and healthy, which are essential preparation and maintenance factors towards becoming wealthy. Some of the things I mediated on when walking a mile, were, plans on how to invest in the near future. This I believe to be a real part of struggle towards financial wealth. If I'm not mindful of my health ongoing, and don't spend effort to plan/meditate my life daily (including planning/meditating on my financial wealth plans), then how will I grow wealthy? Also the simple project of setting a focused goal to walk ~25 minutes each day did touch my friends and family. It did set the groundwork/framework for me being able to do a future project *but with money*. How so? For example in a future project I may want to invest 1.70 silver-grams per day in a 5%-per-year-interest-yielding financial asset. (stock / bond / savings-account, etc.) In order to do so, I now know more clearly, that I shall need to "give a heads up" or "get help" or "ask permission" from those close to me, in order to be able to invest 1.70 silver-grams pr day in an asset. Because it will turn out that I will feel that nearly all of my money is locked into responsibilities. In other words, I'm going to be learning about the social aspect of money. In many ways, my money, is linked socially to the money of my friends and family. In conclusion, I did a meditative walk nearly every day, and it did benefit my health, and I have faith that it is also sowing the seeds of benefitting my and my friends' lives and wealth as well. 2020-03-13 Edit: Added content for "Project Final Report" portion of this post. This blog post first published at https://wieldsilver.com/blog/2020-03-12-project-walk-health-wealth.html Copyright © wieldsilver.com and individual authors (unless otherwise noted)