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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com


A Business Producing Cooking Videos for a Niche Culture Lifestyle

There is a need for cooking videos for a niche culture lifestyle. 

So I started producing these.

I will license the videos in bundles of 12 videos, for $40 per video and market them to the target niche lifestyle customers.

I estimate 5,000 people worldwide will buy these videos.

That's it. That's my business plan.

So far it's been fun, and I've even had help.

But it has been slow going, we haven't yet finished production on one cooking video, and I'm not sure where/how/what to do as an entry point to my marketing campaign either; probably will use word of mouth at in-person niche lifestyle events to begin, but hesitant to not come off as salesy at these events.

I'm definitely reaching a slowing down point.

Now is still the beginning of this idea, and it's very hard going.

One thing I think may help at this point is getting help with the planning of the next phase, and/or writing/blogging about the current/next phase. Thus this blog post! 

That's it for now.

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