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What 5% interest investment can you recommend? (5% annual return)

2020-06-12 by author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com What 5% interest investment can you recommend? (5% annual return) If you found this page then likely Morgan asked you to suggest a 5% investment. Inspiration and motives for this blog post are e.g.: — Opening a candid dialogue about money and investing, topics which in many circles (including so-called “working class” or “middle class” circles) traditionally may be treated as taboo or negative. - Morgan learning about investing. — Morgan foisting on others learning about investing. (compeers, colleagues, friends, family) - Amateurish investing. - People honestly trying to move towards more wealth with noble purpose in mind. - Moving towards using interest to pay for vacationing with friends. - Moving away from poverty. - Moving away from living paycheck to paycheck. Ideas for this blog post are: - First start (publish) this blog post as a record of this “survey”. - Morgan asks a bunch of people what 5%-annual-interest-return investment they can recommend. For example either I.) One you already own that returns 5%, or else II.) One that you honestly think returns 5%. (No need to tell which (I. or II) it was.) - Morgan updates the blog post (may take a while, maybe across/during a few months, or maybe after) adding on as more “survey responses” come in. - The survey results will be anonymous by default, for privacy reasons. That's it! Survey responses will be (are) posted below. ~~~ Start “survey responses”: 2020-06-12 ~ Stock shares of IBM (NYSE: IBM). June 2020 Dividend yield = 5.22%. ~~~ End “survey responses” [ Start 2020-06-21 Update: I haven't gotten many responses to my first "round" of survey requests, and rather than pressing on, I'm judging that the topic is indeed relatively taboo and many people don't (and won't) want to participate/share, and so I'll moreso stop asking people about this. Lessons learned are that money is relatively taboo. And also, I now moreso believe a factor here is that like many valuable things in life, _talking about a valuable thing_ is close enough to _sharing the valuable thing itself_, that people tend to not want to talk about it unless they are also wanting to share it. (No matter if the intent of the dialogue wasn't for sharing more than knowledge.) Thus actually from a pragmatic standpoint, a good reason for something to be taboo! One factor may be people simply tend to be protective of money and that may tend to include being protective about talking about money as well, as talking about money is only one "degree" away from sharing money itself. However money is still important and so needs to be talked about freely throughout everyone's lives in order for earthlings to be successful in life. Thus how to talk about it and open a dialogue? An immediate answer may be that money is actually talked about, just always in the proper context. For example people would likely be willing to ask you (and thus talk about) how to value stocks and which stocks to buy, likely only 1.) if they needed advice from you about stocks and 2.) also if they thought you were a person they could trust to give good advice about this. And for example as a person wise about stocks, you may likely be willing to share valuable stock-investing advice moreso to those who would or could make good use of the advice, or moreso to those who paid you well for the advice, or you may be likely willing to share this advice moreso to people in a situatiion where you sharing the advice otherwise resulted in a significant positive difference in someone's(') situation. End 2020-06-21 Update ] Disclaimer: I may, or may not, be investing in any investment vehicle mentioned here. The reader of this blog post should, before investing, perform their own independent research as appropriate. The contents of this blog post are, ultimately, general information from one individual's perspective; I'm not ultimately recommending how anyone else should invest, rather this blog post is meant mainly for general learning purposes only. [2020-06-13 & 14 Edits: Minor edits about ideas and motives. Add "Disclaimer".] This blog post first published at https://wieldsilver.com/blog/ Copyright © wieldsilver.com and individual authors (unless otherwise noted)