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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-08-16 15:52

wieldsilver.com Blogs about Money in the Context of Life

"investorworker.com" blog was on topics of working and of investing, under a not-for-profit "feel". 

“wieldsilver.com” blog is on mostly topics of investing, and _not_ under a not-for-profit "feel".

BUT, come to find blogging _only_ about money topics isn't integrated nor balanced. 

Money is important, however it touches all other aspects of earthlings' lives. 

Blog only about money topics isn’t holistic suggests bad character.

“wieldsilver.com” will blog about money and path-to-financial-independence and paying-for-vacations-with-interest *in the context of life*.

So each money blog post will have context, for example the importance money in the context of family, or the importance money in the context of community, or the importance money in the context of spouse, or of meditation, etc. etc.  etc.

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