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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com


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A story:


Reese Philange's partner Quinn Adams has some different money views than Reese. 

Reese is excited to start investing in cash flowing vehicles.

Quinn is more conservative and wants to remain focused on maintaining high salaries and getting pay raises at work.

Quinn also wants to focus on buying a home and also making sure the family has the right amount of life insurance is in place.

Reese would rather first focus on becoming financially independent, hopefully within 10 years' time.

Reese thinks that afterwards there will still be time to then become a home owner and get proper life insurance.

Reese and Quinn each have emotional ties to their own method, and have heated disagreements on what to do with their income and money.

Reese and Quinn are married to each other, so they are, legal stakeholders in each others' finances.

Plus after several emotional battles, now it feels harder and harder to even talk about money with each other; it's hard to find a common money paradigm or money script that they can both follow together.

This is resulting in huge stress on Reese and Quinn's relationship and marriage.

Under the context of this larger conflict, Reese wants to use a gift card to buy Monopoly Jr. to teach the family about money, but Quinn says they should save money by using the gift card to buy clothing for the kids.

Under the larger context, even this little decision is stressing both partners out.

What to do?

Reese decides to put Quinn first and money second, at least for another day. 

Reese has faith that as long as Reese keeps the first few people in Reese's life first, and tries to think of new clever ways ongoing to simultaneously both thrive in relationships and thrive in finances, then things will work out ongoing.

So what did they spend the gift card on? The board game or the clothes?


This is a choice that we all will have to make -- Reese and Quinn's answer will be the best for them and for their finances.

wieldsilver.com wishes everyone to also make good choices for themselves in similar situations.

Let's keep on putting both money and friends (people) at the top of our priority lists.

How about putting money and frieds on equal priority for the long term, ongoing?

How about putting friends just a bit higher priority than money for the short term?

And in the long term, how about finding ways to make it so that people and money don't come into direct competition with each other?

Thus in the long term, both Reese and Quinn win, and they both have a good financial situation together as well. 

Let's systematically work to make it so that bit by bit, we and our friends both (all) get on the same page about money, and that, that is a smart view about money.

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