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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-09-05 11:36

wieldsilver.com is about wielding money _while living your life_

wieldsilver.com is about living your life, while at the same time using money and talking about money.

In other words it may actually be seen by some as a lifestyle blog or a money lifestyle blog.

In other words it may be envisioned as ranging on any number of topics *all the while keeping money close in mind.*

This is because money inevitably touches all aspects of our lives.

Thus we surf onwards, we pilot onwards, and we navigate onwards, living our lives, while at the same time being concerned with money issues integrated with our lives as we go.

One large key we personally think will play a large role is business ownership. As this seems to be at the intersection of money and life.

Money tends to change hands in the context of business ownership.

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