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Review of “Rich Dad's Escape from the Rat Race”¹ Book

“Rich Dad's Escape from the Rat Race” is a graphic novel format story of Tim, Red, and Tina, that takes place at an amusement park.

Tim is frustrated about not being able to afford roller coaster admission fee, and Red gives Tim candid and welcome strategies about long-term how Tim may move towards affording things like this.

The middle part of the book is a graphic novel rendition of the main story line from the original Rich Dad Poor Dad² book.

Near the end, Tim seems to have an epiphany and rushes off to take some action.

Note: I liked this part. It was personally a favorite part of mine from this book. I liked to see Tim's character with that fire lit in him to go out and take action towards starting becoming wealthier.

In the end, some weeks later, Red catches up with Tim and it turns out Tim has become a food stall proprietor -- essentially a small business owner. Tim has even gotten some cash flowing from this, and things are going well.

Note: This book I personally say is not just for kids or adolescents. This book I say is good for anyone needing some inspiration towards a path towards financial independence.

Good story! 

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