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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-27 13:37

TIL From March 2020

"Today I Learned" OR "Today's questions"

(After looking through company/stock information online in the past few days.)

* Which marked does "Konami" or "Konami Holdings Corporation" trade on?
** I saw its ticker symbol on google-search says like "otcmkts". This implies "over the counter". But... what does that mean?
** Saw this from J.P. Morgan which looks like a lead: https://www.adr.com/drprofile/50046R101

* So many stocks dropped prices during COVID-19 time. However some didn't. ...why? 
** For example these seemingly didn't: 
SAM (Boston Beer Company Inc)

* Some stocks have *comparatively huge* dividends yields listed currently (may 2020). Why??? Examples are: 
(M	MACYS, INC.	24), and 
(SPG	Simon Property Group Inc or SIMON PROPERTIES	14.56) 
(SKT	Tanger Factory Outlet Centers	23.25)
(BHLB	Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc.	8.87) (borderline huge, maybe just big)
** In the case of Macy's, is it related to that Macys is now (according to my reading just today as of May 21st 2020) going to *not offer* dividends? In other words I read on Morningstar that Macy's will (seemingly starting this quarter if I understood) stop offering a dividend (understood to mitigate the COVID-19 stores shutdown situation). Inconclusive but seems could be a onetime anomoly.

* Altaba Inc which I previously thought *was* yahoo, is more accurately/realistically speaking the remnant company after "Yahoo" brand was sold to Verizon. (I had thought Altaba was the "new parent company" for Yahoo. HOWEVER looks like that is not the case. As Altaba is now off the stock market and the 'Yahoo' brand still exists, apparently under the parent company of Verizon.

* Sotheby's apparently went private in 2019. Taken off the public stock exchangee. Now I know. (Guess I hadn't been following closely, as I just learned of this in May 2020!)

* Apparently Monotype Imaging Holdings also went private in 2019.

* Apparently Symantec in 2019 got re-branded -- something to do with Broadcom? -- even now I'm not sure but seems now a rebranding has been done resulting in "NortonLifeLock Inc." (NASDAQ: NLOK)

* Apparently UTC (United Technologies) merged with Raytheon in 2020 to form "Raytheon Technologies"

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