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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-27 16:56

Note on the Failure of Asking People for Investment Ideas

Note on the nature of the failure of my "What 5% interest investment can you recommend? (5% annual return)" https://wieldsilver.com/2020/blog/2020-06-12-five-percent-returns-investments.html idea.

It is to do with the truly taboo aspect of money discussions. 

I am reminded of why 10 years ago i licensed my (then “wieldlinux.com”, now investorworker.com) blog as open source. Same reason so many people do open source. For love exclusively.

See also this classic post I linked to before called "Why I Write Open Source Software" https://medium.com/@csixty4/why-i-write-open-source-software-6d3569c85e64 Not that I know that this post totally agrees with this, just that it agrees that people do open source primarily for love/community.

But many further than that, do it exclusively for love, exclusively not for money. 

Sooo many people associate either negative images with money or conflict-of-interest images with money! 

This I understand to be a fact, which is beyond my or anyone's control.

Hmmm so how can I respect and love money, in moderation?

I can still start to, and keep on, moreso seeking out people who less associate those negative money images, and I can moreso signal my friends that I less-so have negative money images. 


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