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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com


Business Idea For Publishing Investors’ Stories

We publish omgoing reports of diverse and inclusive (age- and socio-economic-geography- included) people investing in their preferred investments. 

Pictures or videos of us actually going to the website and buying the stock.

Podcasts and blog posts of same. 

Follow-ups by the authors one year later, with an update of how its going for them.
Same for a small business owner showing their income asset cash flow sheet for their small business. 

Same for landlord of real estate business. 

Same for owner of a company/stock.

Our mission is to empower earthlings towards financial independence, away from poverty, away from a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

How does this business make money?

We may make our money from sponsors or affiliate links (like to signing up for a brokerage accont or any financial products or any products)

Remember that as a publisher our ongoing value cones from the guest-hosts and authors who are sharing their characters+ mindsets+techniques. 
So we need to make sure they are rewarded ongoing for partnering.

How diverse/inclusive? - kids& families - immigrant americans - poor people - rural-areas-people  - others. 
Also not just digital media but print too.

Another way to think of this company idea is simply put “stories of earthlings as they attempt moving towards financial independence”.

Alex might be paying off a loan as their next step. Alex might be getting a college degree as their next step. Alex may be breaking a bad money habit as their next step. Alex may be looking for a tenant to pay them monthly rent as their next step.

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