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Learning about Heineken Company and Why Does it Have 4 Stock Exchange Listings?

Heineken NV HINKF 
The second largest brewer in the world (in 2020). Heineken lager is it's most well-known product.

Heineken NV ADR HEINY 
ADRs, American depositary receipts, are stocks that trade on in the U.S. but represent foreign company shares. So Americans don't have to exchange to the foreign currency, open a brokerage account abroad, etc. 
ADRs have different "levels"; (level 1 less regulated) to (level 3 more vetted) is a general rule. One thing to consider with each ADR also, is the underlying foreign stock may actually be "worth" a fraction or a multiple of the original share.ADRs may or may not also be subject to other fees too (compared to non-ADR stocks).

Heineken Holding NV HKHHF  Heineken Holding NV doesn't participate in operations, but rather holds Heineken NV's issued shares. More than half in fact in 2020. 
Heineken Holding NV's income is almost entirely Heineken dividends.

Heineken Holding NV ADR HKHHY

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