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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-28 16:06

Summary of Report on Fidelity Dividend Fund

Summary of "Report on Fidelity® Strategic Dividend & Income® Fund (FSDIX) (which was originally For 2020-07-25 “Investing Meetup Group”)

Main Source:

* The fund seeks reasonable income...  ~80% equity securities. ...~ 50% common stocks...

* Focus on securities that pay current dividends. Focus on "value" stocks and "common" stock category stocks.

* Top ten holdings: JNJ, PG, CSCO, AMGN, PEP, MCD, BMY, T, VZ, NEE 
* (Top ten holdings total: $831,204,302 (19.3% of the fund))
* (Corporate bonds total: $402,076,683 (9.3% of the fund))
* (Preferred stock total: --- (13.9% of the fund))
* Thus fund holdings total must be: $4,306,758,041 (100%)
* Number of line items on the holdings listing sheet: ~367 Line items.

* "...the Adviser relies on fundamental analysis..."

* “Value” stocks might be relatively inexpensive but might not realize their supposed value.

* (JNJ is ($158,350,920)(3.7% of the fund)) ... ... (NEE is ($58,318,792)(1.4% of the fund))
* The fund yearly return before taxes, (average for the past 10 years) ---> 10.57%. Compare S&P 500 for the same period ---> 11.59%
* Total annual operating expenses ... 0.71%
* "You could lose money by investing in the fund."
* 10y. lowest yearly return was -4.49% (2018), highest was 22.48% (2019)
* The fund may have other caveats so consider your own research and decision.
* Morgan's personal note: What I may call commoditizing stocks. I mean, this fund is already another layer of abstraction compared to stocks themselves which are abstract. Then after this, other brokers/advisers may also further re-bundle/re-sell the fund as well. It's amazing truly the layers.

In conclusion, ^this is a summary about this particular Dividend Fund and what I learned about this fund, while learning about this.

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