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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-29 16:28

One Way how to Treat LinkedIn “Open to Work” Flag

In January 2020 I drafted a thought on LinkedIn's ...looking for opportunities... feature. 

At that time LinkedIn's feature was meant for you to turn it on if you’re looking for opportunities or leave it off if you’re not.

At that time my thought from my draft was:
“However I believe that everyone should always be looking for opportunities thus this feature should either not exist or should always be set to on.”

Fast forward to today. I read my draft, and coincidentially I just recently read this Forbes Article on similar, saying that LinkedIn feature has been updated to have more nuance and is called the “Open to Work” feature:


Moving on.

What's my angle now?

Actually, my new angle is this:

Everyone should always be looking for new work opportunities, thus this feature should either not exist or it should simply be left to whatever its default setting is.

In short, I think the main part of the Forbes article, that I agree with, is "You’ll be contacted anyway".

In other words, I believe that people should get connected with projects and roles and jobs, from both the recruiter and worker angles, actively and should be (and are) reaching out to each other with appropriate opportunities in any case. Regardless of how the LinkedIn flag is set. 
Both inside and outside their current company. (if currently has)
Thus in conclusion, in the spirit of normal human-ness, one should simply not touch the flag and leave it to whatever it defaults to.

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