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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-29 16:34

How About Business to Own Where Family and Kids are Welcome and not Excluded?

The benefits are the employees and owners can integrate their life with their work freely as needed or not.

Imagine some examples of this:
- Owning and running a summer camp for kids.
- Owning and running a tree removal service business. 
- Digital web development agency. 
- Bakery catering business. 
- A farm, even a farm made out of a shipping container.

Some features and benefits of a business where family and kids are welcome:

⁍ The bakery business workplace space can be attached to the house. 

⁍ The worker or owner can watch the kids while working in the business.

⁍ The kids can even help out in the business as appropriate. 

⁍ In an owner situation such as a true "family business", kids can help do the actual work. Or else are welcome to simply sit in the work space and do other things during the work hours.
⁍ If the "owner" and/or employee (and/or contractor) either/both can also bring their kids along too -- same deal, the kids can either help or can simply be welcome to do something else nearby.

⁍ Even if the kids aren't working, or aren't doing something else either on theri own, in fact there may be a unique chance they at least can come along and watch/listen/learn and be entertained and aren't excluded and also don't need other childcare for the duration of the job.

Get to thinking, jobs that are suited to kids/family are any traditional home business. 

Along with any business that involves manipulating common household goods/food/clothing, because kids like to deal with more tangible less abstract things (at least until they get older).

These ideas are meant to empower everyone to find out how to be able to own a business integrated with family and kids, work in a business integrated with family and kids, and profit money integrated with family and kids!

On a very personal and opinionated note, these four bullet points:

◦ It reeks of waste that parents and kids split up in the morning, work all day at work and school, and then come home in the evening exhausted. 

◦ Not only that but more nuanced layers; consider the school teachers at school, and the management/staff at work, are also doing the same thing -- even though teachers they hold a high status in terms of welcoming kids, *these are not their own kids*! The teachers are actually employees in this situation and thus this is still a case where the teachers are committed to divide their work from their personal time with a hard dividing line and not mix nor hardly even integrate the two. 

◦ In general in the world, there is a feelig that parents don't belong at their kid's school during school hours, unless formally set up ahead of time. 'Nuff said.

◦ One point to drive this home is this short story: A middle school kid goes to hang out at the library with friends after school until their parent picks them up. At that library, the librarians are also busy working and must finish their work shift before being able to then go home and participate in family activities.

And so to turn that around, that's less how I want the world to be. Thus the question for this blog post is, how about a business to own where family and kids are welcome and not excluded?

And one good answer to this might start to be, to integrate family and business-ownership and working.

This blog post is just a tiny, tiny start on this subject. Ultimately I want to think out more solutions, maybe more business ideas like these, and then ultimately I envision my friends' and my lives implementing the positive aspects mentioned in this blog post. 

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