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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-30 11:20

Week Number Mindset People Continuum

There is in the world at large observed a paradigm of a week number mindset continuum.

Business and financial people moreso tend to use week numbers and plan by week/year.

I dare say so-called working class people moreso tend to live day-to-day and plan by day/week instead.

For example 2020-08-04 is in week 32 of 2020. But only the former "type" of people habitually tend to think this way.

In summary, there is a continuum of mindset more thinking by day/week and more thinking by week/year.

2021-01-30 edit: Also, podcast host David Gardner says investors count time in units of quarters. This in "The Market Cap Game Show: Inside David's Brain" (podcast episode), 2020-Dec-23rd, from "The Market Cap Game Show" podcast. https://www.fool.com/podcasts/rule-breaker-investing/2020-12-23-the-market-cap-game-show-inside-s

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