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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-30 11:29

Saying Goodbye to old Business Ideas and Hello to New

Time to say “thank you and good bye” to these old business ideas:
1.) chinese community videos company (cooking videos), and 
2.) bitsycard company.


As official formal failed small business startup attempts. 

Even though neither had any customers nor any sales.

Still. Doesn’t matter.

Time to move on to the next, more successful.

Some power here in treating these as formal failures is that I'll be able to move on quickly to the next idea. 
And be able to more humbly admit failure. 
Which humility is key to learning deeply from the experience.

Thank you. And good bye. To these two businesses. 

Now I am developing the "3.)" plademo compamy. 
And the "4.)" Moedit Mega Editor company.

How close are these? Are the ready to be ramped up? Where are the customers for these two, and, where are their sales?

Or are they actually also already both done too? Or one more shot at them first?

And for that matter what about “mzz17” and “mzz19” from about 2009 or so? 
Did I forget to say goodbye and thank uou and so didn’t learn from them? 
How about mzz_stat wordpress plugin from 2016 thereabouts? 
When should I have said bye? 

If it never had customers or sales, then was it a business?
If not then what was it?

In short its time to start being mindful of the beginnings _and ends_ of projects.

When to say goodbye to the end of this here blog post too ? 

... sheesh!

In conclusion, today it is goodbye to "1.)" and "2.)"

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