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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-30 15:36

Idea to Buy USA Made Stuff

I got this idea in my head I want to buy USA made stuff. So I take shoes for an example. I research around and see a couple of USA made shoes and companies. Looking at the price tags of the ones I see, they look like 162-216 silver-grams is the normal to low end price range. How does my idea sound now? When I have recently actually been buying shoes for ~16 - 32 silver-grams per pair, and they have been made in China. It sounds cool to think that USA companies can make anything and everything, and I can support them. And then I can invest in them too if they are good companies. But still the price is such a huge factor. That's all, for now... Edit: 2021-01-30 Updated to replace dollars with silver-grams (for the rate near 2020-12-30). (See https://wieldsilver.com/2021/blog/2021-01-25-0000-morgan-silver-gram-value-calculation.html). Also update blog post title. This blog post first published at https://wieldsilver.com/2020/blog/ Copyright © wieldsilver.com and individual authors (unless otherwise noted) wieldsilver.com statement - I blog about products for which I own company shares.