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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2020-12-30 15:44

Investing for Money and Investing in Self Care

Even when investing money, sometimes it's time to invest in one's self.


Actually, in times where the economy or market is amok or awry or inflated etc.etc. 

Whatever you want to call it then an answer truly. could. be. that. 

Sometimes make time to invest in other things. Health, learning, soul, friendships, etc.

Buy healthy and eat food. Drink water, don't drink too much coffee, or, not coffee every day.

Invest in our vacations and time off. 

Be sure to take some good vacations and time off even if costs a reasonable or frugal amount of money.

And our posessions -- if one uses it every day then it is ok to pay a reasonable sum for it.

A reasonable or frugal cost in order to keep a neat appearance like haircut or grooming products/service.

Self care.

In conclusion, sometimes financial investing may borderline include investing in one's self.

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