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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2021-01-01 19:12

Comment on Work-income-only Fears

This blog post highlights the fear of income from one source only -- work income only.

“First things first” (Book) by covey & co. 
P. 261 (chapter 13 “empowerment from the inside out”).
Subtitle “What if I’m afraid to Rock The Boat?”

^Says: “... I never again wanted to be in a position where my integrity was compromised by my dependence on a job. ...”

(The book then goes on to include an anecdote about this situation and also additional inspiration about this.)

I also wrote about this a year ago -- see also:
"Get Passive Income Or Something so that Fear Surrounding Employment Income is not a Crippling Ailment"

In conclusion, it is reaffirming to see that other people are commenting on this and acknowledging this.

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