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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2021-01-01 20:51

Notes on reading New Moon Money Book

This blog post is a review including notes and comments on my reading "New Moon. Money"* Book.

Chaper 1 Review:
In this chapter the tone for the book is set as empowering girls to be independent, including independent with money.

The end of the chapter features an inspiring story about the persona of Ann Reed, who does what she loves (music) at the same time as making money.

Chapter 2 Review:

Chapter 2 floats ideas for businesses or work. In other words, entrepreneurship ideas. The ideas tend to center around ideas girls can realistically do. (with some heavy-hitting ones as well! (Anything from pet sitting to computer coding.)

Also chapter 2 features a section on telling a client what the price of the good or service will be up front, and, not being afraid to ask for payment! Excellent straighforward advice on not being shy, in the context of business, about talking about, and asking for, money.

Review of chapter 2 p. 24 section "Keeping Customers".
Loved this section because it is essentially how to to customer service / customer support, explained in 4 paragraphs. From the point-of-view of the entrepreneur (the business owner).
And I've been doing customer service / customer support for years, and one thing that strikes home is that it says in clint conversations, you should reply with a yes or no answer, or that you'll circle back with them after consideration.
Why this strikes me is that as customer service, I was trained to not say no. However this book says it is an option.
I have to think hard about this.
What is one take-away? 
A take-away is I need to regain the power in my own business (my work in my business) whereby I don't have to avoid saying no. 
I should be able to either say yes, or if not then offer a workaround, or if not then say a resonable "no". 
All three should be readily in my toolbag.

Moving on, this "Keeping Customers" section also says stand/sit straight, have good dress/hygiene, look people in the eye, and talk clearly. 
In other words, be normal don't act weird.
This is also excellent. And So I want to come back to this chapter section in my business/professional life ongoing as a guide. (And maybe even in my marriage too! )(i.e. "Keeping Spouses" this seems should help too!)

Finally, "Keeping Customers" also says if you need to back out of a job then do have a friend fill in for you.

Chapter 2 p. 33 review:
A short section on making and selling "eye pilows". These are sleeping masks for your eyes. The business owner girl persona says she and her mom make these and sell them throught their yoga-instructor and massage therapist compeers.

Chapter 3 review:
Here is covered advice on buying stocks. On p. 63 some stock-buying paradigm advice is essentially to find a good familiar product and research its company and if you judge the company to have strong current and future projects and is well run then to buy that company's stock.

My note here is yes, I like this advice, it is describing a logical sensical stock buying strategy very concisely. I may use this as my advice to begin, at least until (if) I can find a better paradigm.

In conclusion this has been my reviw and notes of "New Moon. Money" book.

*Berry, F. (2000). New Moon. Money : How to get it, spend it, and save it. New York, NY: Crown. - http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/42397668

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