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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2021-01-01 21:22

“Inbound Marketing for IBM”

This blog post in 4 parts is about something I invented that I am calling “Inbound Marketing for IBM”.

~~~ PART I

In short, I "got a new job". I'm now an Inbound marketer for IBM.

Kind of, but not what you think. But yet it is exactly this. 

Read on...

Paradigm shift.

How I got this gig:

1.) Bought IBM Stock.
2.) Wrote a blog post promoting IBM products.

That's it! That's my new Idea of how I can organically "get a new job" at any public company. 1. Buy the company stock and then 2. Write inbound blog posts promoting that company. 


Without further ado:

Hey, check out my recent blog post that mentions Red Hat https://www.redhat.com/en which is an IBM company! Here:

"IBM Red Hat Kubernetes Research and Commentary"


More on this:

Part of the simplicity of the idea here is that I don't even need an affiliate link. And it's not outbound marketing either, it's inbound marketing.

I first constructed this "1-2" paradigm (from Part I above), in this iteration, after iterating trying to think of ways to monetize my blog. I have been keeping struggling to find ways for this. And I checked out a bunch of services, the best one seemed to be amazon affiliates.

Also I kept looking to see if companies I like (CVS, McDonalds, Dunkin, Hershey, Starbucks) have an affiliate publisher program, but almost none did. I felt it was a shame but that there must be a way to help market for these companies while still earning myself.

However amazon affiliates felt even came up short. I have to put a cryptic affiliate link. And then users have to click on it. And then they still have to buy that item within 30 days or so. 

Heck, I don't myself click links on sites. If I see a link I like, I type it manually into my browser for security reasons 99% of the time.

Thus why use a system as a publisher that I don't use as a consumer? Nope. Has to be another way.

Besides, I trust inbound marketing, not outbound.

But, I can only do inbound if I am an employee of the company. .....right?

Nope, I can if I'm an _owner_ of the company as well. Read on...


Take it one step further. If i buy VOO ETF , then, by the same token, I can commence inbound marketing blogging for any of the companies in the S&P 500 that ETF/fund owns. Epic.

Take it further.
3.) I choose which company I will work for, and I don't need to apply for this job, nor interview; I can start work today.
4.) Kids can get "jobs" this way too. As kids can (essentially) own stock and kids can blog.
5.) It's actually very similar to broadcast television ads or broadcast radio show ads in that the visits/impressions won't be tracked. I can just simply mention the product/service/company/brand in my blog and that's it.
6.) But I do still have to be mindful of what I endorse and be genuine ongoing. Perhaps even moreso that I now think of this as my "job" with a concrete potential to flow money to my pocket. Thus in this "1-2" paradigm, conflict of interest is introduced.
7.) More specifically, I could use the approach of, say I have 20% of my portfolio in sbux stock and 5% in IBM, 50% in Disney, then I could naturally accordingly blog more about Disney stuff/topics on my blog.
8.) This paradigm is so epicly relevant to my life, I can also this way look for a(n actual employee salary) job at one of these companies, as I research and promote products, as I own the stock. nice.
9.) I own my own company. My own inbound marketing company thats business is to promote other companies.
10.) I can write in Chinese, I can write in any language. I choose my target audience and I choose my promoted products.
11.) Retirees can also do, can also blog about products of companies they own. Even part-time, even after they are no longer in a work-for-money direct employment situation.

This paradigm is just at the crossroads of where working meets investing.

In conclusion, this blog post has been about something I invented that I am calling “Inbound Marketing for IBM”.

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