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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2021-01-03 13:19

Friend Recommends Talking with Spouse About Money

START Story:

Alex asked friend River about investing.

River mentioned home ownership and mortgage concerns.

Alex said what about rental properties that flow cash income?

River didn't know about that but asked Alex what Alex's spouse thought of that?

Alex paused, and then told River their spouse don't talk much about money but thought 401k's would be a better, and paying for the kids college is important.

END Story.

So what?

Frankly, so what is that people are more important than money. 

Alex pauses and realizes 

Thanks to friend River's question, Alex will ultimately need to keep spouse relationship first, while still somehow investing and reaching all important financial goals as well.

In short, overall and during life, investing should meet our financial goals, investing shouldn't impair our financial goals.

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