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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2021-01-03 18:41

Notes on Coupon Abuse

I heard a story of so-called "coupon abuse", of customers trying to repeatedly get an advertised low introductory price even after the introductory period.

Then I looked up coupon abuse (the term).

The search results that came up weren't from sites that I'd heard of. I guess I had expected to see search results from the blogs of well-known companies/brands, giving advice on what is coupon abuse and insights about coupon abuse as a concrete thing.

A take-away here is that, perhaps, well-known companies on the average, don't deal with, or publish about, coupon abuse.

But why?

Maybe because well known companies try to not offer coupons? 
Or, they tend to avoid talking publicly about coupon abuse because it's not a topic flattering to most brands/companies?

I was even more interested because just the day before hearing the story, I was separately(unrelated) reading how Macy's is going through tough times and has been offering coupons.

Hmm, what about grocery store products/coupons? These are common. 
But my search results for "coupon abuse" didn't come up with blogs from grocery store chains writing on the topic either. 

In conclusion, this has been notes on what is coupon abuse.

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