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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2021-01-21 20:57

Re-post of Nashoba Note “First Post - Empowering Local People Making the Nashoba Area Economy Prosper”

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By author Morgan Jassen 2020-11-11 First Post - Empowering Local People Making the Nashoba Area Economy Prosper Why the NASHOBA NOTE? Empowering local people making the Nashoba area economy prosper. How the NASHOBA NOTE? MONEY ENVISIONED COMES FROM: —- Swap meet revenue (sponsor-vendors and maybe a dollar per attendee) —- paper “special editions”(sponsor-vendors and maybe a dollar per issue/edition) Who the NASHOBA NOTE? - people who want the local economy and themselves to navigate strength through depressions - Workers at the NOTE in furture may become shareholders, - Envisioned in future as each quarter the org. arbitrarily grows by 250,000 "shares" and this is equally split between all active current contributing staff. This is really extreme so needs iterating before starting doing. Highlights: * Bias to local projects that are making an economic difference. * Bias to people who live local. * Bias to people that are making an economic difference. * Bias local projects where money is being exchanged. * Bias towards projects that keep money circulating within the local community. * Authors tend to be local. * Bias for reporting depression-resistent projects and organizations. * Bias to companies incorporated locally. * Bias to local comanies with goods/products. * Bias to company goods that are being exchanged/transported/repaired locally. * Bias to companies with a local brick and mortar presence/office/space/building. * And by depression-resistent may tend to include: A Distillery A Winery A Bitcoin Mine A Grocery store A Farm or orchard A Pawn shop A Market A Thrift store A Barter agency A Firewood factory A factory An electric generator business A Clothing factory A food kitchen An eatery/restaurant A recycling business A compost business A gold and silver (coin) shop A local 5k road race / annual sports event A Chamber of Commerce A newspaper or agency A Local PUBLIC company (listed on public stock exchange AND hq or inc. in these counties.) A [community] college A repair or plumbing, heating, and/or electric company. A bank A real estate agency A Girl Scout troop or other entrepreneurial tribe. An event venue (a function hall) PIVOT TOPICS IDEAS the note may end up itself promoting, and being, a marketplace akin to: Focus more on the marketplace aspect, so: A swap meet A pawn shop A Flea market A farmer’s market 👩‍🌾 👨‍🌾 A barter exchange A thrift store A coin shop An auction hall An antique shop (A referral group where only one professional of eack industry can join) A conference or tradeshow (boxborough regency, teamworks consignment sale, MIN (mass innovation nights), any, etc.) LOCALES: Harvard Harvard Public Library 4 Pond Rd., Harvard MA Littleton Reuben Hoar Public Library 41 Shattuck St., Littleton MA Carlisle Gleason Public Library 22 Bedford Rd, Carlisle Concord Concord Library Fowler Branch (West Concord) 1322 Main St, Concord MA Maynard Maynard Public library 77 Nason St, Maynard Ma Stow Randall Library 19 Crescent St. Stow MA Bolton Bolton Public Library 738 Main St., Bolton MA Acton Boxborough ENVISIONED OTHER INTEGRATIONS: —- A venue with e.g. 10x booths outside that can be rented for stalls or events . Spaced out for corona or non- corona. —- — these booths have solar panels for roofs. Ghe solar panels power bitcoin mining rigs or anything rlse. —- —- there is also a running track where folks can walk and socialize. —- —-there is a wind breaking fence perimeter to help in winter wind (this is new englsnd) —- there are also exercise-bike- battery - generators set up as well for folks to charge batteries while they exercise. 🔋 🏃‍♀️ OTHER TOPICS or just for fun: A Library A little free library Local publications affiliation/promotion like Action unlimited or wbjournals etc. This blog post first published at https://nashoba.wieldsilver.com/2020/ Copyright © nashoba.wieldsilver.com (unless otherwise noted) nashoba.wieldsilver.com statement - we blog about organizations in which we may be financially invested. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END OF RE-POST This blog post published at https://wieldsilver.com/2021/blog/ Copyright © wieldsilver.com and individual authors (unless otherwise noted) wieldsilver.com statement - I blog about products for which I own company shares.