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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com

2021-01-25 09:52

Review of “The Market Cap Game Show: Inside David’s Brain”

This is a review of The Market Cap Game Show: Inside David's Brain* (podcast episode). Host David Gardner says we will play "The Market Cap Game Show". Host David Gardner says today's guests Are Maria Gallagher and Emily Flippen. Guest Emily Flippen says a company's market cap (market capitalization) is its total existing shares times its share price. This is effectively the total current price of all the company's shares. Host David Gardner says it can be wise to know a company's market cap. (and not only it's share price) Before the ~15m. mark, host David Gardner asks guest Maria Gallagher about social media in general. Host David Gardner says Pinterest company (PINS) is ~49 billion silver-grams† market cap. They chat for fun, and talk about licorice. My personal note is that host David Gardner, and the guests, really do like to have fun! They play while talking about stock investing. My note is that because of this, it's really entertaining for me to listen! After the ~20m. mark, host David Gardner says eBay company (EBAY) market cap is ~40 billion silver-grams. He says that Meg Whitman was former CEO of eBay. They say that GE market cap is ~111 billion silver-grams. They say Motley Fool Stock Advisor hasn't been recommending GE. Before the ~45m. mark, they talk about The Boston Beer Company company (SAM). They say SAM has been a Motley Fool Stock Advisor pick, and its market cap is now ~12 billion silver-grams. They joke throughout the podcast episode about how they are sandbagging. On a personal note this podcast taught me the meaning of the term "sandbagging"! Host David Gardner says that companies are part of people's culture. He says that's part of the point of the Market Cap Game Show. He says this game show is an excuse to talk about specific companies. He says we can talk about life and culture at the same time. They talk about how MicroStrategy (MSTR) company. They say MicroStrategy company, per its CEO, has been holding some of the company's assets in Bitcoin lately. They talk about the market cap of Chinese-based streaming company Bilibili (BILI) My personal note here is that a general range for Market caps of companies in the world at large, ranges from the ~1.12 million silver-grams to the ~1.12 trillion silver-grams range. And actually I learned this after listening to this podcast episode! And furthermore I personally have started to create five buckets for companies' market caps, as follows: Less than 1.12 billion silver-grams bucket (rounded), 1.12 billion silver-grams bucket, 11.2 billion silver-grams, 112 billion silver-grams, and 1.12 trillion silver-grams bucket. My personal note here is that a small public company, Technical Communications Corp (TCCO), had a market cap of ~8 million silver-grams. My own note is that the companies talked about on this episode, their market caps were for the most part in the eleven-point-two-billions silver-grams magnitude. For example many were ***between 6 billion and 56 billion silver-grams***. In in other words they fall into my personal bucket of: "Round to 11.2 billion silver-grams". My own note: Alphabet company market cap is now ~1 trillion silver-grams (in Januay 2021). In conclusion, this was my first listen to any of the Motley Fool's "Market Cap Game Show" episodes. From this I learned a lot about market capitalization. * "The Market Cap Game Show: Inside David's Brain" (podcast episode). 2020-Dec-23rd. From "Rule Breaker Investing" (podcast). By By The Motley Fool company. https://www.fool.com/podcasts/rule-breaker-investing/2020-12-23-the-market-cap-game-show-inside-s Link to corresponding blog post with transcript: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/12/30/another-edition-of-the-motley-fools-market-cap-gam/ † For silver-gram valuation see: https://wieldsilver.com/2021/blog/2021-01-25-0000-morgan-silver-gram-value-calculation.html [2021-02-16 Edit: Fix/edit bibliography record.] This blog post first published at https://wieldsilver.com/2021/blog/ Copyright © wieldsilver.com and individual authors (unless otherwise noted) wieldsilver.com statement - I blog about products for which I own company shares.