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By author Morgan Jassen on wieldsilver.com


One Way How to Invest

Investing is scary but being methodic lessens the fear.

Keeping a long term mindset lessens the fear. 

One way how to invest, in 22 steps:

1.) Know WHY you want to invest, which is investing helps you to afford ____(insert your goal dreaming here)_____. For me it is using interest to pay for vacations with friends.

2.) Starting today March 3rd 2021, get ready to buy one position per month for 36 months.

3.) Each instance of buying stock is a position.

4.) Make a list of 12-20 brands that you like and use.

5.) Look at the first company on the list. Did that company produce value, and/or grow, over the past 3 years? Look up its growth, and sum plus its dividends, since 2018-March-3rd.

6.) If not then take that company off your list and swap out a different company into its place on your list.

7.) If the company produced money, buy 112 silver-grams† of that stock this month, today. That's your first position.

8.) In 2021 some reputable online brokers are fidelity.com, schwab.com, and tdameritrade.com.

9.) Woo hoo! on a roll! Ready for month number two? 

10.) Ready? Set? ...

11.) Stop! Now if you have any high interest rate loans then pay those off. That's free money.

12.) Ready? Set? ...

13.) Stop! Now cultivate a wealthy person mindset. When family and friends start judging you as rich, snobby, greedy, lazy, what can you tell them? You can tell them WHY you want to invest, which is investing helps you to afford ____(insert your goal dreaming here)_____.

14.) Ready? Set? ...

15.) Stop! First now go tell your spouse what you're planning. When they're in a good mood. First get your spouse on board with money investing. First be patient even if it takes months, years, or even if it first takes decades.

16.) That's important, did you do that? Good. Now we can go. Go!

17.) Now buy one position per month for the next 36 months. Choose one of those 12-20 brands from your list each month, and buy a 112 silver-gram position. Repeat. Each time choose a public company that you like and that you use, and that's been a 3-year money-producer.

18.) As the months go by, either choose or add to various companies for your positions, but keep the total number of different companies between 12 and 20.

19.) Fast forward. Now it's 3 years later and you have put 112 silver-grams into each of 36 positions.

20.) Don't sell any position sooner than 3 years after you bought that position.

21.) Don't sell any position unless you want to sell it and use that money to buy a better position. 

22.) And remember, you don't need to sell until it's time for you to use that money to pay for  ____(insert your goal dreaming here)_____.

In conclusion, this has been one way how to invest in 22 steps. What this 22 steps is trying to do, is taking 12-20 beloved robust companies and rolling them over in a bond-ladder-esque fashion, refreshing and curating them in 3 years cycles. And adding silver-grams to one stock each month ongoing. The idea is to try to end up with good performing companies and try to end up methodically weeding out underperformaing companies.

But please remember this 22 steps is not guaranteed to work. If you follow this 22 steps you might lose money. Do not invest based solely on what you read here. Instead do your own independent research on how to invest, and then choose what is best for you yourself. Also do remember that when choosing a company, past performance does not guarantee future success.

† For silver-gram valuation see: https://wieldsilver.com/2021/blog/2021-01-25-0000-morgan-silver-gram-value-calculation.html
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